Sunday, October 26, 2008

Party Pals says, "Welcome to Cinderella !!"

Party Pals gave Cinderella a big Welcome this weekend at her Debut. Stay tuned for more upcoming Cinderella Gala's in the GTA, just as she always says, "A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes, when you're fast asleep....."

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Strike a Pose with Party Pals Modeling Diva and Glamour Girl Parties

Party Pals is proud to offer your "tweens" a special event to call their own....A Party Pals Modeling Diva and Glamour Girl Party. She can share her special day with her friends, cousins and neighbours and be the talk of the town for months to come. Have a Professional Model visit your party and learn the model walk, have your make up and hair done and perform in your own fashion show......Get ready to "Strike a Pose" with Party Pals Modeling Diva and Glamour Girl Parties.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Come Dance with a Party Pals Ballet Party

Party Pals Ballet Parties are a huge hit for all little girls that love to pose, stretch and prance around like a true Ballerina. Come Dance with us at a Party Pals Ballet Party....can't wait to see you.
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can you believe we're getting ready for Christmas Parties already??

Believe it or not Party Pals is booking for Christmas parties already....Halloween hasn't even passed and we're booking for Christmas. Last year we had great success with Family events and Corporate events like Counsellor Janet Davis's Christmas Party. We're giving Santa a run for his money this year and having our Christmas Princess at events. She'll be ready to sign autographs, take pictures, do face painting, entertain the children, help with your gift give aways and be your Special Guest at your corporate Christmas Party or Family event....Why should Santa get all the fun?? See you this holiday season....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Party Pals Princess Party at Toronto Auction

On November 8th, 2008 Party Pals will have a Princess Party for auction at a Charity Event involving the Early Years Learning Centers of Danforth, East York and the Beach areas....stay tuned for more details on how you can attend and how the event turned out.

Party Pals.....making dreams come true

Special "shout out" to a few of my closest friends....

Here's a "Shout out to my girls"...

Special thanks for all your love and support. My personal life, family life, and my business life are all held together with my own love, spirit and strength. You help me stay strong and keep my focus. Friends like you are very special to me, and make me a happy woman.

Big Hugs,


Modeling Diva and Glamour Girl Parties from "Party Pals"

Glamour Girl Parties

Party Pals Glamour Girl Parties are a special treat for your “tweens”(ages 8-12). Glamour Girl Parties are perfect for girls that are too old for princess/ballet parties and want something a little more glamorous and grown up(but still need an adult supervised party). Children can look forward to a visit from a real professional model and will learn the “model walk”. Nail painting, skin care, light make up application and hair styling are just a few things that girls can look forward to. Of course a fashion show will result so have your catwalk ready. Your Glamour Girl Model arrives with her portfolio for girls to look at and provides an autographed poster and gift as a keepsake. Your Party Pals Glamour Girl Party will be the talk of the town and give the girls lots to talk about for months to come.

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Thanks to my "Web Girl"

When I first started my company, I had very little funds to do so. My girlfriend Dora helped me start up my website and did it for the most part out of the goodness of her heart. Dora's Web World helped my world.....So Thanks Dora, and keep up the good work at
Dora's Web World....
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tribute to Marissa who helped me discover Party Pals

Whenever people ask me what I do for a living, and I tell them about my company, I get the same response 9/10 times....."Wow!!, really....that sounds did you come up with that idea?" And I tell the story of how it all goes a little somethin' like this..........

Marissa and I were out in Yorkville having Martini's in the fall of 2007. We were talking about career's, investments, our finances, the future and our plans.......the topic came up about what direction "I" would be taking next in my autonomy and she says to me, "You know what you should should be one of those Princesses that goes to little girls birthday parties and does the entertainment..." and that was that.....and I said, "You know what? That's exactly what I should be doing, and I'm not going to work for someone else's company...I'm gonna start my own Event Planning and Children's Entertainment Company." And I did.......the rest is history as they say.......

Thanks Marissa, muah
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Monday, September 22, 2008

More than sandwiches at Party Pals Cowboy and Teddy Bear Picnics

Cowboy and Teddy Bear Parties

Party Pals Cowboy and Teddy Bear Parties are an adorable way for little boys to have a party. These parties are just right for boys ages 2-4. Children can look forward to a treasure hunt, snack picnic, story time, games, tough guy crafts and more. Your own full size cowgirl will start the party with her own costume and teddy bear. Loot bags and game prizes are included as well as cowboy hats and bandana’s for children.
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Give 'em Room To Dance at Party Pals Ballet Parties

Ballet Parties

Party Pals Ballet Parties make little ballerinas shine. Ballet parties are perfect for girls ages 2-7 that love to dance like a ballerina and love to tip toe around the house with a tutu. Children can look forward to music and lessons, games and prizes. Party Pals can also provide a dance studio and some ballet costumes for your 2-3 hour Ballet Party (costume sizes will vary and rental fees will apply for studio space). In addition to having a beautiful life size ballerina at your party, little ballerinas receive loot bags and ballet shoes to take home, making the magical memories last. The birthday girl will receive a special gift and thank you scrolls to give her guests. Face painting, stickers, ballerina friendship crafts and an autographed poster will also be included. Every Party Pals Ballet Party leaves a “perfectly pretty” and lasting impression on the children and parents alike.

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Party Pals Contact Info

Contact Us

Party Pals
Toronto, ON
Phone office 416-792-0146 cel 416-278-6306 fax 416-792-0147

We have a "Ball" with our Princess Parties....

Princess Parties

Party Pals Princess Parties are unforgettable. Princess parties are perfect for girls ages 2-7 that love dressing up fancy and pretending to be in a world of romance and charm. Children can look forward to tiaras and nail painting, princess games and face painting. In addition to having a Beautiful Princess at your party, Party Pals provides loot bags and game prizes, plus an autographed poster with lots of time to pose for photos with each child. Stickers, story time, tea parties, princess crafts and a princess fashion show are all things that can be part of your enchanting princess party with Party Pals. The birthday girl receives a special gift and Thank You scrolls to give to her friends. Every Party Pals Princess Party is truly an event that is memorable for each child and family.

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Would you like to know a little about Party Pals?

About Us
Party Pals is the company that founder Melanie Zuber created to make dreams come true for children and parents. Party Pals does party entertainment and event planning for family parties and corporate events. This highly accommodating company takes the pressure off parents and allows them to enjoy the party too.
As the owner of Party Pals, Melanie takes a no nonsense approach to business and pleasure, thus enabling parents to feel confident that the party will be in the hands of a true professional, even if she is dressed in a princess gown or tutu (as Melanie does much of the entertaining herself).
Melanie draws from her experience as a model and actress to provide full “in character” entertainment as well as using her creative expertise to add wonderful and inspiring ideas for your event.
Let the Parties begin

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Welcome To Party Pals

Welcome to Party Pals....where dreams come true.....

Keep watch for info and new photo's from our Fall Party Line-Up and Event Calendar....

Fall is shaping up with a Charity Auction in November, New Party idea's for "tweens" like Our New Glamour Parties and Spa Parties, plus Our Christmas Princess is already being booked so don't forget to book your Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment from Party Pals well in advance.

Talk to you Soon
Melanie Zuber
Party Pals
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